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If you are demanding a place to live where you can enjoy every moment of your life with pleasure and security then DHA Lahore Phase 8 is the one of those housing schemes that we can refer you. as it is a landmark project of DHA so it definitely do not requires any introduction or supportive speech but it is important to know that it does has something extra and different than the other Phases.


Superior Infrastructure

Infrastructure is just considered by the developers and engineers and they just bring a lot of attraction to it and make it worthy as well. The Phase 8 is completely designed according to the international standards of housing that never let you down.


Planned Plotting

The plotting and location planning of DHA Lahore Phase 8 is amazing, as you find every plot at the best location and meaningful as well. It is a fact that location adds the worth to your house and every house is worthy in DHA Phase 8.


Ideal Environment

The community and the surroundings are the important factors that makes stick to a place and in the Phase 8 you find both of them. Here you find the best community interaction places and the loving people around you plus there are a lot of many other attractions that keeps you busy like the parks, clubs, libraries, cinemas, community centers and many more.


Super Hygienic

Our nature protect us and we are the protectors of our nature as it is the demand of time, in DHA Lahore Phase 8 you will find a complete nature friendly environment that brings you near to nature and life as well. All the road side greenery, beautiful parks and a complete hygienic environment makes it more beautiful and healthy as well. This is definitely your ideal place to live and spend the memorable days of your life.


Lively Business Clan

DHA has a complete business clan, at one side it does care for its residents but it never ignores its financers and business partners as well. In the Phase 8 you can find out some of amazing business spots with business friendly environment and the authority also lets the business personnel to work freely and earn more money and comfort together.


Save Drive Roads

Roads are the things that joint us together as it lets you to minimize your distance and reach to each other, DHA has a special influence on roads as it cares for your life and cars as well. From the DHA Phase 8, if you want to reach at a place in the second corner of the city then for sure you can easily find out your route and make it done in the minimum time. These are the hassle free roads that let you to avoid traffic jams and many other problems as well.


Fulfills All Basic Needs

The Phase witness all the basic health, education and security needs for the residents, business personnel and the visitors as well. 

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