Roll your project with Prime Properties, if your aim is to develop a residential property into standard living community with all of facilities and amenities of life. We enjoy over 30 years of working experience in the property development industry of Pakistan and developed so many challenging projects that will amaze you. We are one of the leaders in the property development of the country with the team of skilled and experienced team of property developers. Prime Properties help its customers in the property development in the following two ways:


Become Armchair Developer

It is always profitable to invest in the property. Instead of waiting for capital growth for your investment to earn profit, Prime Properties urge you to lock your property into immediate profit from the property development program. Keep your hands clean and get all property development benefits without any efforts by becoming an armchair development with us. The Prime Properties will control the project just like a project manager and ultimate control and ownership will remain with you. We as project manager, provide all the technical and expertise knowledge needed to complete your project.


Benefits to become Armchair Developer

  • - You can save up to 20% of your total project cost
  • - You Purchase Property in Wholesale
  • - Highest Profit Margin
  • - Comprehensive Rental Returns
  • - Easy Financing
  • - Tax Benefits
  • - Long Term but most Profitable Investment

Project Management

Prime Properties offer project management services for those who already have purchased property for development. We help you to enhance the value of your old property or your trapped asset value of its comprehensive development. Finding the right site for your development project, is the second task that Prime Properties can do for you.


How Prime Properties Assist You?

We assist you in the following ways in the completion of your property development project:

  • - Finding and selecting the right site
  • - Planning and Development
  • - Detailed Feasibility Studies
  • - Cost Assessment of the Project
  • - Obtaining Town Planning Approval
  • - Engineering and Structural Plan Services
  • - Selection and Appointment of an Experienced Builder
  • - Estimation of Finance Required
  • - Coordination with agents for selling and leasing your project

Why Choose Prime Properties?

Being a trusted and one of the most reliable property development companies, Prime Properties is the best choice for overseas Pakistanis. We have wide range of satisfied local and overseas customers throughout the country and worldwide. We are the top rated property development company in Pakistan with the project handled and trust built in the property development industry. Following are some of the top reasons that make us your best choice for your property development project:

  • - 30+ years of Experience in Property Development
  • - Wide Range of local and Overseas Customers
  • - Experienced and Skilled Engineers and Developers
  • - Closer Partnership with Clients
  • - A+ Rated Property Developemnt Company
  • - Cost Effective Solutions
  • - Highest Return on Property Development
  • - Selection and Developmnt of Right Site
  • - Comprehensive Rental Returns
  • - Tax Benefits

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